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Fashion Models wearing red and black

Know your “body”

What’s the manual mode on a camera for and why is it so important? If you’ve ever wondered why you shouldView full post »

Model in Big Net Skirt

New Chapter… Photography Tutorials

I’ve decided to share my knowledge of photography on my blog so please feel free to drop me messages andView full post »

The Final Punch

Speed Kills – Shutter speed

Can’t get a grip on shutter speed and how it relates to photograpahy? Here’s the last in the Know your bodyView full post »

Behold the baby

Lighting Tutorial Series: Part I – On Camera Flash Photography

Are you interested in taking your photography to the next step by adding a speed light to your images? Learn to makeView full post »

Models in car

What camera should you buy?

Do you need help in trying to decide what camera you should buy?View full post »

Beauty Image of model Sheries

Dreamy Backgrounds – Controlling depth of field using aperture.

How many times have you seen those images where the person or object is in focus and everything else behind it isView full post »

Watch AD for D&G

Controlling time- Shutter Speed

Working with a DSLR: A tutorial on Shutter speeds explained in non-technical terms.View full post »

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